REMOVE MOSS from your Roof and Transform the Look of your Home.

The damp climate in Britain can have an adverse effect on roof tiles as they become more porous with increased age. Over time this can create the prefect environment and conditions for the accumulation moss, algae and lichen to grow on the tiles. This in turn can lead to problems that could become expensive as a result of excessive moisture being absorbed by the roof tiles.

Allowing moss to grow on the roof can lead to the following problems:

  • Gutters and downpipes can become partially or fully blocked: that can lead to broken gutters and moisture penetrating into walls
  • Additional weight of wet moss causes stresses on the roof and tiles
  • Freeze and thaw process of wet moss can cause tile breakages


On roof tiles generally older than 15 years, the build up of moss on a roof not only looks unsightly,
At Colne Valley Home Improvements our roof cleaning service offers full moss removal services and fungicidal treatment. The fungicide will be applied once the roof has been cleaned and will kill off any remaining spores.. If you would like a FREE quotation for moss removal and treatment of moss on your roof please call 07507 516 717.

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